small centrifugal blower fan with brushless motor

24vdc volt high pressure Aluminum small centrifugal electric air blower fan with brushless motor. Suitable for vacuum machine/fuel cell/medical equipment and inflatables.

  • Model: WS10690-24-240-S250
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    Blower Features

    Brand name: Wonsmart

    High pressure with dc brushless motor

    Blower type: Centrifugal fan

    Voltage: 24 vdc

    Bearing: NMB ball bearing

    Type: Centrifugal Fan

    Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant

    Electric Current Type: DC

    Blade Material: plastic

    Mounting: Ceiling Fan

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

    Certification: ce, RoHS

    Warranty: 1 Year

    After-sales Service Provided: Online support

    Life time(MTTF): >20,000 hours (under 25 degree C)

    Weight: 430 grams

    Housing material:PC


    Motor type:Three Phase DC Brushless Motor

    Static pressure: 10.5kPa




    Blower Performance

    WS10690-24-240-S250 blower can reach maximum 78m3/h airflow at 0 kpa pressure and maximum 10.5kpa static pressure.It has maximum output air power when this blower run at 4.5kPa resistance if we set 100% PWM, It has maximum efficiency when this blower run at 4.5kPa resistance if we set 100% PWM.Other load point performance refer to below P-Q curve:


    DC Brushless Blower Advantage

    (1) WS10690-24-240-S250 blower is with brushless motors and NMB ball bearings inside which indicates very long life time; MTTF of this blower can reach more than 15,000hours at 20degree C environmental temperature

    (2) This blower needs no maintence

    (3) This blower drived by a brushless motor controller have many different control functions such as speed regulation,speed pulse output,fast acceleration, brake etc.it can be controlled by intelligent machine and equipment easily.

    (4) Drived by brushless motor driver the blower will have over current, under/over voltage,stall protections.


    This blower can be widely used onto coffe bean roaster,vacuum machine, and ventilation.

    How to Use the Blower Correctly



    Q: How to decrease the noise of the blower?

    A: Many of our customers use foam, silicone to fill between blower fan and machine to insulate the blower noise.

    Q: What we can do if the working condition is dirty?

    A: A filter is strongly recommended to assemble onto the the inlet of the blower fan

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