• Wonsmart’s innovation in DC brushless blowers

    For over 12 years Wonsmart has been devoted to innovation and systematically developing new products, especially those that are high-efficient and energy-saving. Working to reduce global warming and to ensure mankind’s sustainable future with better value and performance. Our capability for...
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  • Conditions for Controlling Brushless DC Machines

    Conditions for Controlling Brushless DC Machines

    Brushless DC motor AC servo system is developing rapidly because of its small inertia, large output torque, simple control and good dynamic response. It has broad application prospects. In the field of high performance and high precision servo drive, it will gradually replace the traditional DC s...
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  • Where is the Difference Between Brushless DC Motor and Brush Motor?

    Where is the Difference Between Brushless DC Motor and Brush Motor?

    DC brushless motor is through the process of electronic commutation, and brushless machine is through the process of brush commutation, so brushless machine noise, low life, as usual brushless machine life in 600 hours as follows, brushless machine life abnormality is determined by bearing life, ...
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  • What are the advantages of Brushless DC Motor and AC Induction Motor?

    What are the advantages of Brushless DC Motor and AC Induction Motor?

    Compared with AC induction motor, brushless DC motor has the following advantages: 1. rotor adopts magnets without exciting current. The same electrical power can achieve greater mechanical power. 2. the rotor has no copper loss and iron loss, and the temperature rise is even smaller. 3. the star...
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  • The Correct Installation and Operation of Shared Motors for Wonsmart Motors

    As long as the operation and installation of the machine, there are certain risks, then the installation and operation of the deceleration motor should pay attention to what? Before installing and debugging, the speed reducer motor must be checked before it can be installed. In the process of ins...
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  • How to Choose Brushless DC Motor?

    How do I choose a brushless DC motor suitable for me? Let’s look at one example: A few days ago, a customer sent such technical requirements: Yesterday, the boss changed the parameters. We need to make a transport car: 1.High speed Vmax > 7.2km/h 2.The maximum gradient is 10% (0.9km/h)...
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  • Technical Characteristics of Brushless DC Motor

    Compared with DC motor and asynchronous motor, the key technical characteristics of Brushless DC motor are: 1.The operating characteristics of DC motor are obtained by electronic control. It has better controllability and wide speed range. 2.Rotor position feedback information and electronic mult...
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