For over 12 years Wonsmart has been devoted to innovation and systematically developing new products, especially those that are high-efficient and energy-saving. Working to reduce global warming and to ensure mankind’s sustainable future with better value and performance. Our capability for innovative design is what sets us apart from the competition. For example, the WS8045 is our newly designed blower with compact size and high efficiency. The innovation of the WS8045 that it’s appearance is different from our previous blowers. The WS8045’s housing is made of transparent PC material that has lighter weight. The WS8045 blowers are used in BiPaps and ICU ventilators as a primary market because of their low noise level and high efficiency.

Innovation plays a critical role with Wonsmart. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Wonsmart’s business has grown steadily with our core competence.  WS8045Z

Post time: Jun-18-2022